Knight & Hale


Ultimate 3-in-1 Camouflage Goose Call

  • Flute Configuration
  • Magic Clucker Configuration
  • Magnum Clucker Configuration
  • Excellent Duck Call

Knight & Hale



  • Double Reed
  • Featuring T-Lock
    -Call Actually Screws Together
  • Threadlock Eliminates Unexpected End-Piece Separation
  • Exclusive New Stick-Resistant Double Reed System Helps Prevent Sticking & Provides Consistent Calling
  • Maximum Air Flow Meants It Takes Less Air To Create Calls



Easy Mallard
Perfect Quacks & Comback CallsThe name says it all for the Primos Easy Mallard.  This call barely requires any air to blow, yet it produces great duck sounds.  If you are looking for a duck call that is easy to blow, but very "ducky", then this is the call for you!




Canada Goose

  • Patented Flexible Design Gives You More Control of Volume & Tone
  • Soft Bodied Call Produces A More Natural Sound Than Traditional Hard Calls
  • Squeeze The Exhaust Bell To Control Backpressure
  • Squeeze and Releae For Easy Double Clucks and The Sounds of Multiple Geese

Knight & Hale


Smooth Talker

  • Extremely Easy-Blowing Call With Raspy Hen Vocalizations
  • Stick-Resistant Double-Reed System
  • Flared End-Piece For Exceptional Volume
  • Realistic, True-To-Life Sound



Honky Tonk





  • Short-Reed Canada Goose Call

What better way to Speak The Language of geese than with the Honky Tonk.